RWAY Coatings

Our Coatings are a high quality thermoplastic polymer protective coating. 

RWAY Coatings are made by ecoFINISH® and provide a much different approach to Corrosion Protection and Aesthetics versus that of traditional paint and epoxy. Our ecoFINISH® coating materials are Thermoplastic Polymeric Powders and are applied pneumatically utilizing Thermal Flame Spray Processes. The equipment used by RWAY to complete your project is completely portable so a superior Powder Coating can be installed on virtually ANY SURFACE, regardless of type and size.

RWAY’s ecoFINISH® Coatings cure in seconds and/or minutes, not days and/or weeks as with other traditional industrial coatings. The ecoFINISH® Coatings are engineered to be suitable for both Dry or Wet locations and can be installed by RWAY at installation speeds up to 800 square feet per hour. These capabilities combined allow RWAY clients to simplify and streamline Material Lists and complete projects in less time.

RWAY’s ecoFINISH® Coatings combine Engineering, Technology and Aesthetics providing superior Surface Corrosion Protection. In addition to the four(4), “Standard” coatings listed above, Optional Add Benefits available on some colors of ecoFINISH® Coatings are; Slip Resistance, Non-Skid, Biocote Antimicrobial and NSF-61 Certification.

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